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Interested in Playing at the Next Level?

 Our in-house recruiting service is being run by a previous college player! Below is our detailed approach to getting more Blazers playing at the next level!

Contact Coach Parker to get started today!

Step 1: Gather the following information to assist us in finding schools that fit your needs

  • GPA

  • Interested Major(s)

  • ACT/SAT Scores (if applicable)

  • States/Regions you’d be interested in going to college in

  • Position(s) you want to play in college

  • Identify the level of player you are 

  • List of schools you are interested in attending

Step 2: Provide the Checklist to Blazer Recruiting Coordinators

Once our coaches have this list, we will create a Google Drive folder for you to use throughout the process. Included in here will be: 

  • Google Sheet with information and a list of colleges you are interested in and that we have found for you using our ConnectVolleyball website platform and other coaching connections our club has to provide a list of schools for you

  • Introductory email template to use when contacting coaches  (PROOFREAD EMAIL PRIOR TO SENDING)

Step 3: Meet with Recruiting Coordinators to review list of schools

Once you meet with our coaches, they will provide you with the steps on how to start your college recruiting process. The process will be as follows: 

  • Fill out the Prospective Student-Athlete form on the college or university’s website

  • Send an introductory email to coaches using the template provided or create your own email telling the coach you are interested and have filled out the Prospective Student-Athlete questionnaire on the school’s website 

  • Track the contact date/response date in the Google Drive folder provided to you at the beginning of the process 

Step 4: College Coach Responses

Step 4: College Coach Responses

  • As college coaches respond, document the information provided as well as any other notes that you may have. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your coach for help responding to coach emails.

Recruiting Reminders

You’re a STUDENT before you’re an ATHLETE

  • Have an open mind

  • Be realistic 

  • Always use proper grammar and punctuation in correspondence with coaches 

  •  Conduct yourself positively on social media 

  • Coaches watch you and your parents OFF the court before they watch you ON the court 

  • Collegiate volleyball is a commitment to:

    • Academics 

    • Health

    • Volleyball

  • Don’t lose hope if you don’t get a response

Video Tips

  • Include the right highlights of yourself (technical/position specific skills)

  • Show your best film first (coaches may only watch 30 seconds of your video so start out strong to grab their attention). Do not start with serving first. 

  • Vary your skills (ex. don’t include only video of you swinging down the line or cross court. Mix it up.)

  • For setters, show varying tempos and positions. For front row players, include blocking to showcase blocking movement and block touch. 

  • Include video of before and after the play. Coaches want to see how you react and communicate with teammates before and after the play. 

  • Keep it simple. No need to include special editing effects or background music. 

  • Provide information at the beginning and end of your video 

    • Name

    • Jersey Number

    • Position

    • Graduation Year

    • Measurements 

  • Upload video(s) on personal YouTube channel

Parker Oldham

Recruiting Coordinator